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Our company’s founder entered supercargo industry in 1993 and was among the first group of supercargo in mainland China. Supercargo was our company’s initial business focus. Today, we have a professional team led by experienced ocean captains who possess deep knowledge of ship structures, cargo characteristics, and operational practices at various ports in China.

Cutting-Edge Cargo Handling

In handling supercargos, innovation is not just about new methods; it’s about revolutionizing the entire process of cargo loading and securing. At Teamhead Marine Surveyors, we’ve been setting industry benchmarks since our inception. Together, we devise advanced loading techniques that are custom-fit for each vessel and cargo type. We analyze spatial dimensions, cargo weight distribution, and securing points to create a precise loading plan.

This meticulous planning results in enhanced safety, maximized space utilization, and ultimately, the successful delivery of cargo. It’s a continuous pursuit of excellence, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in cargo handling while always prioritizing the security and integrity of the shipment. By choosing Teamhead, you’re opting for a partner who not only understands the value of your cargo but also the importance of innovation in safeguarding and delivering it.

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