Ship Damage Survey

Professional Ship Analysis for Maritime Safety and Integrity.

Expert Ship Damage Surveys for Secure Seas

Navigating Maritime Challenges

Discover unparalleled ship damage survey services with Teamhead Marine Surveyors. Our dedicated team offers expert assessments to identify and analyze damages on vessels, ensuring maritime safety and operational efficiency. With our comprehensive approach, we cater to a wide range of ship types and damage scenarios, providing reliable solutions for shipowners, insurers, and maritime professionals.

Evaluations for Every Aspect of Maritime Integrity

Specialized Ship Damage Assessments

Rudder Damage

Our evaluation of piston damage thoroughly examines the severity and implications for engine health, leading to effective repair and maintenance plans for enhanced performance and prevention of future issues.

Piston Damage

Our inspection zeroes in on piston damage, examining the extent of wear and its impact on engine function. This streamlined analysis aids in developing targeted repairs to maintain engine efficacy and longevity.

Hull Repair

Our approach to Hull Repair involves meticulous examination of the hull's condition post-repair. We check for structural integrity, quality of repairs, and ensure compliance with safety standards, preserving the vessel's seaworthiness and longevity.

Side Thruster Damage

Inspecting Side Thruster Damage, we evaluate the operational efficiency and repair needs. Our assessment includes checking for mechanical integrity and ensuring that repairs or replacements meet the required performance and safety criteria.

Environmental and Safety Considerations

Comprehensive Ship Sinkage Surveys

In addition to structural assessments, our ship sinkage surveys also prioritize environmental and safety impacts. We meticulously analyze potential environmental hazards, such as oil spills or chemical leaks, and assess the safety implications for the crew and marine life. This holistic approach ensures that all aspects of the sinkage are thoroughly evaluated, guiding effective remediation and compliance with environmental regulations.

Types of Ship Damages We Survey

Comprehensive Damage Survey for a Wide Range of Ship Damage Types
Hull Integrity

We conduct thorough evaluations of hull integrity, identifying and analyzing structural damages, cracks, or breaches that compromise vessel safety and performance.


Our team specializes in assessing damages from collisions, determining the impact severity, and providing detailed reports for repair and insurance purposes.

Fire Damage Surveys

We expertly survey fire-related damages on ships, analyzing the cause, extent of damage, and offering solutions for restoration and future prevention.

Machinery and Propulsion System

Our survey include in-depth checks of the ship’s machinery and propulsion systems, ensuring they are functional and meet all safety standards.

Environmental Damage Assessment

We assess environmental damages like oil spills or chemical leaks, focusing on the impact on marine ecosystems and compliance with environmental regulations.