Fire & Blast Safety

Advanced Solutions for Fire Hazard Prevention and Response

Dedicated to Enhancing Fire and Blast Safety

Mitigating Risks, Ensuring Safety

Teamhead Marine Surveyors Co. Ltd. is at the forefront of fire and blast safety, offering comprehensive services that range from preventative measures to detailed investigations of fire and explosion incidents. Our specialized team combines extensive knowledge with advanced techniques to identify risks, prevent incidents, and provide crucial insights in the aftermath of fire and explosion events. Our commitment extends beyond investigation to include education and preventive strategies, ensuring the highest levels of safety for your vessel and crew.

Combining Prevention with Rapid Response

Proactive and Responsive Fire Safety Measures

Our approach to fire and blast safety encompasses both proactive prevention and responsive investigation. We employ early detection systems, conduct risk assessments, and provide crew training to prevent incidents. In case of a fire or explosion, our rapid response team is equipped to conduct thorough investigations, determining the cause, assessing the damage, and suggesting corrective actions. We emphasize continual learning and adaptation to stay abreast of the latest fire safety technologies and practices.


Bridge Fire

Container Fire Damage

Ship Fire

Unraveling the Causes, Planning the Response

In-Depth Fire & Blast Investigations

Our fire and explosion investigations are detailed and methodical, aimed at uncovering the root causes and understanding the full extent of damage. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and analysis techniques, we provide clear, accurate findings that are essential for future prevention and legal compliance. Our reports are comprehensive, offering actionable insights for repair, improvement, and avoidance of future incidents.