Draft Survey & Weight Monitoring

Precision in Every Measurement, Assurance in Every Load.

Expertise in Cargo Measurement

Accurate and Reliable Draft Surveys

Teamhead specializes in providing accurate and reliable Draft Surveys and Weighing Monitoring services. Our expertise ensures precise measurements for cargo weight and volume, essential for load planning, freight calculation, and compliance with shipping regulations.

Precision in Every Measurement

Draft survey is a scientific method of weight measurement that has been widely used internationally. Its calculation results serve as the basis for settlement of goods, claims, freight calculation, and customs taxation.

Draft Survey Process

During a draft survey, our specialized process involves precise measurement of the ship’s draft, freshwater, ballast water, and fuel, either before or after loading or unloading operations. We meticulously determine the density of the port water where the vessel is docked. Utilizing technical resources like displacement tables, deadweight scale tables, hydrostatic curves, and calibration tables, we accurately calculate the cargo’s weight.

At Teamhead Marine Surveyors Co. Ltd., draft survey is a commitment to conscientious service. We have established mature mechanisms and management systems that reinforce the reliability and accuracy of every survey, ensuring consistent accuracy and upholding our high standards.

Measurement Types

Technical Tools & Resources

Ship's Draft
Displacement Tables
Deadweight Scale Tables
Ballast Water
Hydrostatic Curves
Calibration Tables

Importance of Draft Surveys

The Backbone of Maritime Cargo Compliance and Safety
Vessel Stability

Draft surveys are critical in ensuring vessel stability. By accurately measuring the draft, we help in maintaining the ship’s balance and stability, preventing risks associated with overloading or uneven distribution of cargo.

Load Accuracy

Our draft surveys provide precise weight measurements, essential for accurate load calculations. This accuracy is vital for freight cost determination, cargo management, and compliance with shipping regulations.

Maritime Safety

Safety is paramount in maritime operations. Draft surveys contribute significantly to maritime safety by ensuring that vessels are not overloaded, thereby reducing the risk of maritime accidents and enhancing overall safety at sea.

Regulatory Compliance

Draft surveys are essential for regulatory compliance. They ensure that the vessel’s load adheres to international maritime guidelines and standards, helping in avoiding legal complications and penalties.