Preloading & Outturn Survey

Ensuring Cargo Integrity from Start to Finish.

Safeguarding cargo integrity through loading and unloading

Comprehensive Cargo Survey Services

Teamhead specializes in Preloading and Outturn Surveys, offering meticulous survey services to safeguard the integrity of your cargo throughout the loading and unloading processes. Our surveys are designed to ensure the quality, quantity, and safety of cargo, thereby minimizing risks and discrepancies. We provide clients with precise information and peace of mind, knowing their cargo is handled with utmost care and professionalism.

Preparing for Safe and Efficient Transport

Detailed Survey Before Loading

Our preloading surveys involve a thorough examination of cargo prior to loading. We survey the condition, packaging, and proper stowage of cargo to ensure it meets all safety and quality standards. This proactive approach helps in identifying potential issues that could impact transportation, allowing for timely resolution and ensuring compliance with shipping regulations.

Cargo Survey
Surveying the physical condition of the cargo to identify any existing damages or irregularities.
Packaging Survey
Evaluating the adequacy and integrity of packaging to ensure it's suitable for the type of cargo and transportation method.
Quantity Verification
Confirming the quantity of cargo, checking against documentation to ensure accuracy and prevent discrepancies.
Documentation Check
Verifying that all necessary documents, such as packing lists and loading permits, are in order and compliant with regulations.