Cargo Damage Survey

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Ensuring Integrity and Safety of Your Cargo

Expert Cargo Damage Survey Services

At Teamhead Marine Surveyors Co. Ltd., we specialize in comprehensive Cargo Damage Surveys across a range of ports and trade centers in China. Our team of expert surveyors is committed to providing impartial, accurate, and non-destructive surveys, ensuring the highest standards of quality and integrity in our services.

Methodology for Accurate Damage Evaluation

Maintaining Quality and Standards

Assessment of cargo damage

In the realm of steel surveys, Cold Rolled Coil (CRC) deformation is a critical aspect we meticulously survey. Our team employs thorough survey techniques to identify any deformations in CRCs, ensuring that they meet the strict industry standards for quality and structure. This detailed scrutiny helps in preventing potential losses and maintaining the high standards of your steel products.

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Expert Cargo Damage Surveys

Types of Cargo We Survey

Specialized in a Wide Range of Cargo
Steel and Machinery Products

We provide meticulous surveys for Steel and Machinery Products, ensuring their integrity and compliance with industry standards during transportation and storage.

Bulk Cargo (Minerals, Grains)

Our expertise in Bulk Cargo encompasses detailed quality and quantity surveys for a wide range of essential minerals and agricultural grains.

Oil and Liquid Chemical Products

Specializing in Oil and Liquid Chemical Products, we conduct rigorous evaluations to guarantee safe handling and compliance with safety standards.

Perishable Goods

We ensure the quality and safety of Perishable Goods in Refrigerated Containers, focusing on temperature control and packaging integrity.